Space of Hope

Space of hope is a non-profit civil society organization established in Aleppo in July 2012 by the group of Aleppo’s expatriates and its friends to aid community members and registered in the Aleppo’s Governance Free Council in June 2013 and registered in Gaziantep Turkey in September 2015

Our Vision

A Syrian civil society that believes in fulfill responsibilities and protect rights

Our Mission

Believe that the change the Syrian society is pursuing to achieve freedom, dignity, justice and social solidarity require working on to create the right environment through the development of the individual in general , specially on children By :

Education Program

Providing the educational and knowledge environment both in terms of the necessary capabilities or the appropriate cadres to improve the educational opportunities

Protection Program

Preventing the exploitation of the most vulnerable groups in society, responding to affected situations and enhancing social responsibility

Livelihoods Program

emergency, seasonal and sustainable response to improve living conditions in affected areas at the individual and community levels

Community Development Program

Providing opportunities and tools for the development of the individual and the society intellectually and culturally creating an environment that believes in freedom, dignity and justice


  1. Dignity: to respect the individuals and considering their self esteem
  2. Social responsibility : we had responsibility toward working for the community
  3. Efficiency: optimal use of resources to achieve the expected results
  4. Social justice: providing fair treatment among members of society and fair distribution of capabilities
  5. Effectiveness: the ability to influence within the community
  6. Participatory: to achieve cooperation and participation in the work and exchange of information

General Goals

  1. Spread and increase access to areas where SOH can influence
  2. Develop the services and programs to ensure their effectiveness on the ground and maximize the benefit from them
  3. Develop the structure and staff and strengthen the affiliation between the individual components and the whole organization .
  4. Work to increase access to pre-university standard education and improve the quality of classroom’s environment in schools
  5. Find alternative opportunities for those who are drop out students and who are out of school
  6. Improve the performance of teachers and raise their competencies and develop their skills
  7. To implement the laws of human rights in general and the rights of the child in particular by introducing them and working to remove obstacles to their application
  8. Increase community awareness and contribution to protecting the most vulnerable groups and sensitizing the most vulnerable groups about their rights
  9. Prevent the exploitation of the most vulnerable groups by pressing local authorities to take appropriate action
  10. Working to respond to the victims and rehabilitate them and reintegrate them through the establishment of friendly spaces to establish community protection networks
  11. Develop the professional skills of individuals and build capacity to create a land that can be invested in society
  12. Networking and connectivity within the local community to achieve the best investment of available capacities against the required needs
  13. Organizing social solidarity campaigns aimed at responding to emergency and seasonal situations and working on sustainable solutions
  14. To consolidate the principles of freedom, justice and dignity in the individual and society and to remove all obstacles to the adoption of these principles
  15. Increasing participation in finding solutions to problems within society among its components
  16. Supporting the intellectual initiatives that are secure and supportive of the change demands of the Syrian society to reach freedom, dignity and justice